You have questions! We have answers!

Why Does This Work?

We recognize that, when it comes to analytics, some other options may reign supreme. The question even came up: Why in the world would I use something other than Google?!?!

Our setup isn't much different as to what you would find one any other analytics site. The main differences are:

  1. We don't collect your personal information. We check how users interact with content on the page, but this is never connected to a particular user.This way, you can know how your site and business are doing, and your users can know you don't have their browsing history at your disposal.
  2. We add the content measurement piece. Most analytics engines can't predict how your content is going to do when you publish it. Engauge can.

Will This Break My Current Setup?

Definitely not! It's a few lines of code that we've made super small that will run all the logic on our service. Won't slow your page down a bit.

You Have To Collect Something! What Information Actually IS Collected?

We collect page interaction information and anonymized user data, such as location and browser. This information is never connected to an individual beyond their use of the site, and is never shared.

Is This Easy to Install?

Sooooo easy! When you create a property (i.e. example.com), your code needed to get started is on your dashboard. You can either add that to your web page as described, or use one of our plugins to help put it on a page!

Can I Use This With Google Analytics and Other Tools?

Most definitely! Engauge plays nicely with all other add-ons and analytics engines.

Can I Use This With Wordpress?

Totally! We event created a Wordpress plugin that works all the magic!

Can I Use This with Squarespace?

If you have Developer Mode enabled on your theme (and know what you're doing), you can easily add this to your site! We're working out easier solutions, so stay tuned!

When Will the Premium Features Be Available?

We're gearing up to release them by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

What’s With The Cube?

Isn't it rad? But, if you're seeing the cube on the regular for long periods of time, there's a problem. Let us know what's up!