Why It Works

Behavior, Not User Info

Many analytics engine use your personal information to help drive their analytics. Some of them (we're looking at you, Google) even go so far as to sell that information for use in ads, and worse. Engauge looks past the user's identifying information to how your users interact with your content, even in to the content itself, to help you drive your business decision making.

Privacy, Not Sales

The information that is collected about user interaction is kept locked away and anonymized. We don't sell your information to help drive ad content, or to any other third party. Our service is paid for by users utilizing the service (who, still, don't have access to your users' information).

Learning, Not Manipulation

Engauge is a learning engine. It looks how clicks, form fill ins, and your content to gather information, without seeking to manipulate your users into any other behavior that could compromise them. What you see is what you get.

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