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Measure What Matters

Realtime analytics, that simultaneously give you actionable data AND protect your user's privacy

Evaluate Your Content

In-depth analysis of your site's SEO and Content, driven by our machine learning engine, and reports on every page!

Check Your Health

We'll monitor your site's uptime and SSL certificate, and notify you the minute we see a problem!

Act On It

Engauge gives you easy ways to see your data, AND action steps to take!

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Focusing On What Matters Most

Actionable data to build your business!

Getting your business, online presence, or portfolio up and running is getting simpler and simpler, but becoming a MEANINGFUL presence on the web is becoming increasingly difficult. We know the pain, and we want to help!

Engauge helps you build your online presence with actionable data in realtime. We package the tools in a neat little package ready for your use. So, whether you're a freelancer looking to aid your clients, a small business looking to boost your SEO, or an enterprise business getting realtime stats and analytics, Engauge is here to help!

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No matter the industry or the size of your business, Engauge provides what you need!


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Starter Pack

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  • Realtime web analytics
  • Anonymized user data
  • 3 Properties
  • Ticket Support

The Pro

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Includes the other tiers, plus:

  • Machine-learning Driven content analysis of every page of your site.
  • Team Access: Invite other users to view a property
  • Full user interaction heatmapping (coming soon)
  • 20 Properties

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