Philadelphia, PA —— August 2019 Engauge Analytics is excited to announce a launch of Version 2, coming this month!

Here’s the scoop:

One of the greatest features of this new version is Spy, which allows you to better understand what your visitors are looking for and how long they’re staying on your site. You can watch their complete journey through your site right from Engauge. We’ve also included the ability to export these reports in easy to view, printable formats.

Other features include an easy-to-use code builder for any action you want to include on your site without having to mess with Javascript (everybody, clap your hands!). Just choose what you want to measure, generate a code in seconds, and copy it to your site. A simplified payment plan and friendlier user interface are among the many other improvements of this new version.

But likely the most significant update is that we are releasing all Enterprise features to every user of Engauge! Our most important focus is to build trust with our customers for the long term, and we are dedicated to making things as fast, stable, and pretty as possible for you. Plus, we just couldn’t keep these outstanding features from any of our customers, so consider this a special gift from us to you!

Look for this new version to release on Monday, August 19.

Engauge Analytics is your one-stop shop to analyzing and improving your content to help you serve your clients better. We specialize in user-anonymized analytics, full and ongoing SEO analysis, and machine-learning driven content analysis. Engauge Analytics provides you with all the tools for your website that you need in one place.

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