Have you ever taken a look at your website traffic and really ask yourself, “What are users doing on my site?"

It makes sense: you want to make sure your website users are not only getting the most out of their visit to your site, but are getting the information they need to make informed decisions and sales. You want to make sure that every person coming to your site is interacting in a way that moves them toward utilizing your business, reading your content, or signing up for your mailing list.

There are a couple questions you're probably asking about your website users visits. Let's take a look at a few:

What Are My Users Reading?

One of the hardest parts about blogging, even writing this, is wondering if it will truly ever be read by a person visiting the site. Is a person clicking in, seeing a title or two, and then clicking out? Or, are they actively reading the content thinking about it interacting with it, and, especially, finding value in it?

it can be a little bit difficult to find out if your users are truly reading the contet (unless, you want to give them a quiz at the end). There are few ways to do this, including measuring the amount of time on the page, checking for specific elements on your page to be scrolled into view, or having some sort of mid content interaction.

What Are My Users Clicking?

Even if your users are viewing your content in a meaningful way, you still want to be able to see if they are interacting with the content in the way that adds value to their visit and leads to greater sales on your own part. We can do this by measuring clicks.

If you take a look at each of the elements on your web page (buttons, links, forms, etc), you can begin to see each of the ways that a person can interact with your site. And you can see how each of them can be interacted with in a different way.

This is why it is so crucial to measure the clicks you know lead to greater value for your users, as well as greater interaction for your site.

Why Are My Users Leaving?

This is the most frustrating part: Someone visits and does nothing.

Figuring out what got users to your website is much different than figuring out what keeps them there, or gets them to convert. For example, a user may see your link shared on a friend’s Facebook page. They are intrigued by the promise you mention in your title, but get to the site and leave disappointed. Or leave excited, but need to save the link for later.

Taking a look at your user’s interactions with your page is crucial here: Did they actually read what you wrote? Did they scroll down? Were they gone in 5 seconds?

This is part of the reason we will be making our Spy feature, what was typically an enterprise-only feature, standard for all paid users. You will be able to measure exactly what your users are doing while visiting your site, so you can truly know how to adjust your conversion funnel and increase your engagement! Get on board now; prices are going up soon!

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