If you read our last Hustle on What Local SEO Is and Why It's Important, you may be wondering: What am I supposed to do now?

Here are five easy ways to get started. These aren't the only things that need to be done, but this will give you a running start into your own local SEO journey!

5 Steps To Be Found


Have you ever searched for a business and wonder how the side panel with all of the information you need just magically pops up? Welcome to the world of NAP Citations.

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Be sure your business name, address and phone number is EXACTLY the same across all of your online assets like your website, social accounts, and search engine listings. This helps search engines, like Google, to index your site more easily!

Schema markup

In addition to the NAP Citations above, your site needs Structured Data. Structured data is an easy way for search engines to get all of the information they need in one easy place. A simple way to add this is to add JSON-LD to your site, focusing on your local business.

Running into trouble? Engauge helps verify this, and our team can help! But that's enough upselling for now. ;)

Local Directory Listings

Your business may be listed in a hundred different places online. You have pages on Google Business, Yelp, Foursquare, and other local business directories.

Your first step: Claim them. Make sure that you can claim each of those listings as your own, and ensure all of the data is correct!


You know all of those sites and resources listed above? Get reviews on there.

Reviews are key in local SEO! Regularly ask for reviews and engage in review-building tactics on social and search profiles.

Localized On-Site Content

Your visitors may be coming from all over the world. But, in order to build local SEO, you'll need to know where they are coming from and adjust accordingly. The more relevant your content is to the person doing the searching, the more likely it will show up when the user searches. And the more often you'll convert as well.

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