Have you ever wondered how a person makes a decision to buy? If you're in business, I'm sure you have!

We found this great diagram of the sales funnel on Zero Gravity Marketing:

Sales Funnel Diagram

Where this info is super helpful, it may be difficult to really connect how your site really impacts these steps in the sales process. How do you build awareness? How do help move someone from intent to buy to evaluating your product?

Let's talk about some easy steps to hit each step of the sales process:

Awareness: SEO FTW

If your website is the front door to your website, then SEO is what drives people to the door. As people are looking online for relief to their problems, problems that you solve with your business, you need to make sure they can actually track you down.

This is where SEO tools like link building, use of longtail keywords, and audience targeting, as well as proper technical SEO, can really come in clutch to build brand awareness. It helps web crawlers know who you are, and boost your page, so that users can find you.

Interest: Get Subscriptions

People come to your website for 2 reasons: You solve a problem, or you add value. What if, when they arrive on your site, you're able to provide them a little ongoing value all in exchange for an email address?

An individual who is interested in what you are selling should be shown that you can meet their needs! And trading an email address is a great way to build that trust.

Consideration and Intent: FAQ and Content

When someone has moved beyond the stage of interest, they are actively looking to have their need met. As they move through the consideration and interest phases of the buying process, this is where your content becomes all the more important. Do you have your products properly described? Are you creating valuable content, showing yourself an expert in your field? Are you thinking through what questions your audience and customer base is asking, and already started answering?

This is still a phase that you are building trust, showing that your company and your product is going to help the customer solve their pain. Show them that you are thinking about them already!

Evaluation: Make the One on One Connection

You've built trust, you've shown that you are a worthwhile product. NOW, your potential customer is ready to determine if that trust and product is ready for them.

This is where building an opportunity for one-on-one connections comes in so key. This may be something as basic as a contact form or offer for a free estimate, followed up by a phone call. It could also mean a chatbot (we use tawk.to) or a messenger app.

Just remember, respond appropriately! Your pipeline is about to pay off!

Purchase: A Positive Buying Experience!

You've done it! Your user is ready to buy! Make sure that your buying experience is pleasant, well tested, and will work properly.

Make it as easy as possible for your customer to walk through the buying process. Set up proper payment gateways, and watch for abandoned carts!

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