You've worked 40-50 hours already this week. You put in countless thought and energy into making ends meet in the day to day. You've put in time at the meetings, delving into the paperwork, and now comes the end of the day.

You come home, and get to work. It's time for your hustle. It's time for that passion project that keeps you up at night. That side business that you want to go full time.

It's not uncommon to see someone with a side job to make ends meet, or to fill in some financial gaps. I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about a hustle. I'm talking about something that both provides some additional financial resource AND fulfills that deep longing inside you. To quote Chris Guillebeau, "A side hustle is not a part-time job. A side hustle is not the gig economy. It is an asset that works for you."

Since I was in middle school, I've always had two ventures going at the same time. One was the full time gig that kept the bills paid (or got me there, in the case of schooling). The other was side hustle: It was the thing I was excited about and believed it could be built.

I created Engauge as a passion project of my own. I am a geek for numbers and data, and especially as I sought to drive business in that way, I wanted to make something that would scratch all of those itches. But as I've sought to really put this out to the world, I want to hit one more:

Helping the freelancer and small business grow and scale.

So, here's why Engauge wants to help your hustle.

Small Businesses Need A Leg Up

My mom and dad were entrepreneurs in a very small rural town in northeastern Pennsylvania. Growing up, I got to watch them struggle from week to week to make their dream come alive, to make ends meet financially, to provide a life for my sister and I. It was humbling experience, now that I'm old enough to have the wisdom to see it.

This experience really lead me to care about those trying to build something themselves. And I want Engauge to be that: A tool that helps you build your passion project.

Taking the Guess Work Out of the Technical

Building a product always comes with a learning curve. No matter how much of an expert you are in a field, there is always another area or channel of growth.

But, sometimes, there just isn't time to learn. With all that you're doing, do you want to sit around and learn data science so you can best adjust your website to reach key KPIs and reach maximum SERPS for local SEO?

I wanted to make something that would take the guesswork out for those who are creating and building amazing things, but don't necessarily have the time to learn how to optimize their content, or build citations.

And we'll continue to build this direction, so we can give every actionable insight possible so you can build your business!

Big Tools For Growing Businesses

Large, enterprise companies have a lot of resource at their fingertips. The large agencies and businesses I've worked at could drop $10k to see if a product will help. Most small businesses don't have this luxury.

Engauge exists to help you, whether you're working on your passion project by yourself or working on a team, to compete with the big guys.

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