What if you could know the best time of day to post content in order to get your clients to buy? What if you could do know the cities nationwide where most of your visitors come from? Or what if you could know what product description wordings drive your sales the most?

This is why your business needs to focus on data: It holds answers to open up your market!

But when you’re running a business, you don’t have time to grab a data science degree. So, if you’re looking at a dashboard full of charts, you may be seeing something totally foreign.

Here are simple steps to turn your data dashboards to action, by answering some simple questions:

WHO is coming to your site?

Who are your users? Where do they live? And who converts (subscribes or buys) on your site?

WHAT are they doing when they get there?

What pages are they visiting? What pages are giving me the most sales or leads? What pieces of content are grabbing the most hits?

WHERE are my users visiting?

And where are they visiting from?

WHEN are my users visiting?

And when are they converting the most? When should I do deals or promotion to maximize their effectiveness?

WHY are visitors coming to my site?

Why are they leaving? Why are they converting?

Engauge seeks to make it easy to answer these insights, because we give them right to you! Check out Engauge today and start getting actionable insights from your data!

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